For A Better

Better World

I am deeply inspired by poet David Whyte and his lens on the Courageous Conversation.

I believe that conversations of consequence are at the heart of what I have to offer the world.

Those conversations also come in the form of speaker engagements. I always relish the opportunity to share my thoughts on the following topics and to align the content with your strategic imperatives.

"What are the conversations we need to stop having?
What are the conversations we wish were not true?
What are the conversations we don't want to have?" - David Whyte

Personal Mastery

When we master ourselves through deep self-awareness, we become more conscious of how we show up, and how our light and shadows can be of service and disservice to us and others. With personal mastery we are able to live into our purpose with intentionality and care.


Governments have never been able to create the required number of jobs to meet the aspirations of the people. How do we better support entrepreneurs to build sustainable enterprises that create meaningful employment opportunities and spur on new industries and economies?


How can self-leadership be a catalyst for effective team and organisational leadership?
How do we build bridges from the leadership of self to the leadership of others?


In a world with many injustices, how do we start having new conversations about the periphery and the centre?
How do we leverage privilege as a tool for positive change?

Women’s Empowerment

When more than half of the world's population are women, how do we reimagine empowerment for the benefit of humanity?

Youth empowerment

Africa has the highest youth population in the world. A trend that is set to dominate demographics for generations to come. How  do we create space for youth voices to be heard and for their views to influence the future they will inherit?