World Class


This is the value that I bring to every conversation that I am
invited into as a conference moderator.

World Class Moderation

I pride myself in delivering best-in-the-world moderation skills ranging from small-group sessions to large scale conversations in a range of formats

Insightful & Provocative Questions

Relevant, meaningful and provocative questions are my secret weapon that enable breakthrough thinking and insights  

Dynamic & Engaging Conversation

I deliver high-energy conversations that are igniting  to participate in and to observe whilst landing strategic messaging

Industry Knowledge & Insight

I'm an academic at heart and enjoy deep research that enables conversations with the requisite depth and breadth across industry

Distinguished Professionalism

I'm a firm believer that world-class delivery is not enough, a world-class experience of me is just as important

Proficient in English & French

I keep honing my language skills and as of today speak 5 languages fluently and French conversationally

Conversations of consequence that make the world a better place.

I have worked across subject areas and across industry. My robust academic background allows me to quickly build the requisite industry insight and acumen and to deliver the moderation with the intellectual depth and breadth it demands while remaining accessible to your audience.

My scope of moderation includes conversations rooted in business, politics, political economics, leadership, development, finance, women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Organisations I have journeyed with.